Bulking Up To Build Muscle

Bulking up to build muscle is a simple concept to understand and this article will help to explain it in more detail.

If your goal is to bulk up, then principles of muscle building are simple.

In fact, it can be summarised into 1 single sentence.

To Bulk up, you must take in more calories than you burn.

You should be taking in lots of Carbohydrates, this should be an essential commodity of your food and your eating routine(s)

Rice, Bread and Fruit should be a staple part of your diet as these foods are extremely high in Carbohydrates and will help you to build muscle fast.

In fact, here is a guidline for you to follow:

55% percent of your food intake should consist of carbohydrates, it’s that important.

One of the most important factors for anyone actively attending the gym, is that you should eat well afterwards.

This might seem obvious now that I say it, but you would be SHOCKED at the amount of people who do not eat a proper meal after a workout at the gym.

I’ve seen guys just simply glug a protein shake and that’s it!,,that’s the WORST thing you could do.

Make sure you take in plenty of water too, here is an article about why water is so important for muscle building.

Water is something that so many guys ignore, yet it’s probably one of the single, if not the most important part of building muscles, you must keep your muscles hydrated, it’s extremely important, I can’t stress that enough.

In the average high Intensity Weights workout, your body can lose up to 2 Litres of water, the best way to prevent Muscle de-hydration is to keep sipping water throughout your workout.

In fact, it’s a well known fact that drinking water regularly throughout your workout, can dramatically improve your performence, therefore, your ability to build Muscle will be much faster.

Make sure you have your protein shakes to hand, but don’t go overboard, have a shake in the morning about an hour before you hit the gym, then have another one when you comeback (if you do a workout in the morning) then your final one should be before you go to bed, this should help stop you waking up halfway through the night and raiding the fridge.

That’s it guys, Don’t forget if your serious about bulking up and getting big muscles fast then check out Monster mass from Mike chang, you can read all about Monster Mass here in this review.

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