How To Build Monster Muscle Mass

Monster Mass Mike Chang has Arrived!

Believe it or not, your ability to build Monster Muscle Mass is not dependent upon genetics.

Despite a lot of self proclaimed gurus, in this Article I’m going to fly in the face of all them.

Muscle Mass can be manufactured and by Manufactured, I mean built and it can be built relatively fast.

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build muscle with mike chang

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Ever heard of Mike Chang?..Well this guy builds Monster Mass insanely fast, in fact Mike Chang insists that he spends no longer than 30 minutes in the Gym on average, check out the Monster Mass on Mike Chang below:


Now this is a guy who only works out for 30 minutes per day.

Mike has an almost perfect ritual, despite what most experts and personal trainers tell you, Mike changs workouts without extended sessions doing boring Cardio, in fact too much cardio will actually stop guys from bulking up.

Mike chang is a somewhat expert in this field, he has just released a brand new product called Monster Mass which is set to eclipse Mike chang’s previous smash hits.

Monster Mass by Mike Chang has been personally crafted by Mike to assist guys who want to bulk up super fast without becoming what Mike Changs describes as a “Gym Rat”.


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A “Gym Rat” describes guys that hang around in Gyms for hours on end in the hope that the more time they spend in the gym, the bigger they will become and the faster.

But in actual reality, this actually has the reverse effect since, excessive periods of workout actually burns muscle rather than create it, and so therefore delays the muscle mass building process.

This is why Mike Chang only Spends a Maximum of 30 minutes in the gym and any one time.

Monster Mass by Mike Chang is a compilation of all of Mike Changs best proven methods for
Mike changs Monster Mass includes the 15 laws of muscle building that must not be broken.

He also has a Monster Mass Advanced module.

mike changs monster mass building

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